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10 Best Cloud-Based Dental Practice Management Software

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    Choosing the right cloud-based dental practice management software is one of the most important decisions a dentist can make. The right software will help maximize productivity, increase profitability, and provide better patient care.

    Many dentists are now turning to cloud-based solutions, which offer additional flexibility and access compared to traditional on-premise systems. This article will look at the benefits of cloud-based systems for dental practices. We’ll also review some of the top platforms available and their notable features to help dentists choose the right option for their needs.

    What is Cloud-Based Dental Practice Management Software?

    Dental practices today need software and tools to run efficiently and profitably. Managing patient records, scheduling, billing insurance claims, and other administrative tasks takes up a significant amount of time. The right practice management platform can optimize these processes so dentists and their teams can focus more on providing excellent patient care.

    Cloud-based dental software delivers these solutions over the internet through secure web browsers instead of requiring on-site servers. This gives dental offices much more flexibility in accessing and using their practice management capabilities. Staff can access information from anywhere instead of just at the office.

    Cloud platforms also simplify software deployment and maintenance with automatic updates delivered seamlessly over the web.

    Benefits of Cloud-Based Dental Software

    There are several major benefits of cloud-based dental practice management software can offer compared to traditional on-premise systems:

    Enhanced Flexibility and Access

    One of the biggest advantages of cloud-based dental practice management software is the flexibility it provides for how and where staff can access the system. Instead of being limited to using the software only when working on office computers, dentists and team members can access patient records, schedules, and other data from any internet-connected computer or mobile device no matter where they are. This makes it easier to look up information, add patient notes, check schedules, and perform other tasks, whether remotely or from home. The ability to access practice information anywhere can make staff much more productive.

    Automatic Software Updates

    Cloud platforms also simplify software deployment and maintenance. Updates to features and functionality are automatically rolled out to users over the web without the need for IT staff to manually upgrade the system. This helps ensure dental teams always work with the most up-to-date software capabilities without disruptive upgrade projects. Dentists don’t need to deal with versioning issues or schedule downtime for installing updates.

    Collaboration and Data Sharing

    cloud-based dental practice management software also makes it easier for staff to collaborate and share data. Patient information, images, charts, and other files stored in the cloud can be instantly accessed by authorized users across multiple locations or devices. Teams can better coordinate care activities, referrals, and patient communication when they can easily share information over the cloud.

    Integrated Systems

    On one seamless platform, many cloud platforms provide integrated systems for handling patient records, bookkeeping, imaging, and other practice needs. This can help dental offices run more efficiently without having to manage and link disjointed systems together. All features are accessible from the same user interface. Cloud platforms also often integrate with other useful web apps and services.

    Lower Upfront Costs

    Because cloud-based software does not require investing in on-site server hardware and related IT infrastructure, it often has lower upfront costs compared to on-premise systems. Monthly software subscription fees allow for the spread out of costs over time versus one large capital expenditure. Cloud solutions provide financial and deployment advantages for some dental practices, particularly newer and smaller offices.

    Enhanced Security

    Leading cloud-based dental practice management software invests heavily in state-of-the-art security. Backups are handled automatically to avoid data loss. Top providers have security measures and protocols like encryption that exceed what typical dental offices can implement on internal systems. Cloud platforms also have resilience advantages – if the local internet connection goes down staff can still remotely access the system and critical data over the cloud.

    Best Cloud-Based Dental Practice Management Software

    There are some of the best cloud-based dental practice management software available today that can meet the management needs of most practices. Here are some of the top options:

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    Dentrix Ascend

    Dentrix Ascend

    Dentrix Ascend is a powerful cloud-based dental practice management software solution created by leading practice management provider Henry Schein Dental. It allows dental offices to organize patient records, appointments, billing, and other key tasks online instead of using traditional on-computer software.

    Key features include:

    • Electronic dental records: Charting, imaging, and digital patient file management with cloud access. It integrates with imaging systems.
    • Scheduling and billing – Manage appointment scheduling, recalls, billing statements, insurance claims filing, and reporting.
    • Treatment planning – Create and manage treatment plans with insurance estimates. Send plan information to patients via email or portal.
    • Patient communication – Email, text messaging, and automated patient reminders. Customizable patient web portal and mobile app.
    • Analytics – Detailed practice analytics for production, collections, insurance, patients, and more.
    • Integrations – Seamlessly integrates with Henry Schein equipment and systems including dental imaging. API integrations with other apps.

    Dentrix Ascend combines proven dental office software capabilities with modern cloud advantages. The powerful platform helps dental teams maximize productivity and deliver excellent patient experiences.

    Curve Dental

    Curve Dental -

    Curve Dental offers a fast-growing cloud practice management solution at an affordable price. Main features include:

    • Scheduling – Appointment booking, reminders, waitlist, and recurrence. Syncs with calendars.blocked off.
    • EHR – Digital charting, imaging integration, and secure messaging.
    • Payment processing – Handles credit cards, ACH, and online payments.
    • Patient portal – Customizable online portal for appointment requests, forms, and engagement.
    • Analytics – Practice analysis for production, collections, patients, referral sources, and more.
    • Integrations – Works with over 150 dental software integrations. API custom connections.
      Curve Dental focuses on delivering modern dental office technology that is easy for teams to adopt. Customizable workflows cater to different positions and specialties.


    robust cloud-based dental practice management software

    iDentalSoft offers robust cloud-based dental practice management software solutions for larger dental practices in multiple locations and with different providers. Key features include:

    • Social media integration – Built-in tools to manage social profiles, campaigns, reviews, and engagement from the software.
    • Multi-office management – Supports centralized management and reporting across practice locations.
    • Advanced analytics – Custom reports and visualization of KPIs for performance tracking.
    • Auto-posting – Automated posting of charges, payments, and adjustments.
    • Paperless workflows – Digital charting, forms, referral letters, prescribing, and imaging.
    • Smart Scheduling – Intelligent scheduling tools that maximize chair times based on provider availability and appointment types/lengths. Rules-based scheduling considers patient history, insurance and procedures needed to efficiently book recurring and production-focused appointments
    • Robust Reporting – Comprehensive reporting module with templates for production, case acceptance, financials and more. Customizable report builder option to slice data by location, provider, date range and other parameters. Integrated business intelligence dashboarding and visualization tools provide actionable insights.
    • Electronic Dental Forms – Paperless template library for common clinical documentation like exams, treatment plans, referrals and patient records. e-signature capture streamlines consent workflows. Forms data auto-populates charts for faster notes.
    • Online Appointment Requests – Patient booking portal allows requests from any device 24/7. Staff can view, modify or confirm web and phone requests directly in calendar. Waiting list management and reminders improve first available fill rates.
    • Recurring Payment Plans—Set up and manage installment billing for treatments. Scheduled payments are automatically processed through saved payment methods like cards or bank accounts.
    • WhatsApp Integration—This two-way practice communication platform extends reach. Broadcast messages, share images and files, and get quick patient responses for improved engagement.

    iDentalSoft provides enterprise-level capabilities for maximizing productivity and patient experience in high-volume practices.

    Open Dental

    best cloud based dental practice management software -

    Open Dental provides the best cloud-based dental practice management software at affordable prices for offices with 1 to 75 employees. Key features:

    • Scheduling – Easy appointment scheduling and tracking. Customizable views.
    • Dental charting – Perio charting, images, treatment notes, and visual graphs.
    • E-claims and billing – Paper and electronic insurance claims with ERA. Recurring payments.
    • Reporting – Robust reports for all practice analytics. Charts and graphs.
    • Patient portal – Patients can view balances, make payments, complete forms, and request appointments.
    • Unlimited support – Includes unlimited free phone, email, and remote support.
    • Support 3D tooth chart –  This sofware shows patient dentition and treatment over time

    Open Dental focuses on providing complete practice management tools with a customizable and intuitive user interface. It combines advanced capabilities with simplicity and great support.

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    CareStack Modern, Secure, Cloud-Based Dental Software for Growing Your Practice

    CareStack is an all-in-one cloud-based dental practice management software, known for its flexible customization options and deep third-party integrations. Notable features:

    • Customizable workflows – Customizable workflows allow practices to tailor workflows, rules, views, and permissions for each role and office location. Complex corporate processes can be replicated easily across multiple locations.
    • Robust integration engine – The integration engine seamlessly connects CareStack with popular dental imaging systems, intraoral cameras, scanners, labs, billing services, and more. Bi-directional connections ensure updated patient and clinical data flows between all integrated systems in real-time.
    • Configurable templates – An intuitive drag-and-drop template editor lets users modify templates without coding knowledge. Templates can be customized for charts, treatment plans, clinical notes, referral letters, forms, and reports.
    • Automated tools – CareStack features automation for common tasks like auto-populating chart notes from clinical entries. Additional tools manage recurring billing, automated treatment plans, and recall/recare workflows.
    • Mobile access – The CareStack mobile app provides access to key practice data and the calendar on iOS and Android devices. Staff can update patient notes, view schedules, and manage basic workflows outside the office.
    • Advanced reporting – CareStack offers powerful reporting and business analytics capabilities. Standard dashboards provide key metrics on production, case acceptance, financials, and more. Advanced users can build completely custom reports with filters and custom calculations. Data can be easily exported for sharing or external analysis.
    • Multi-location management – Practices with multiple locations benefit from CareStack’s centralized scheduling, workflow management and oversight across all offices. Key data on productivity, appointments and finances can be compared at the system, location or individual provider level.
    • Online booking – Patients can book appointments online 24/7 through a responsive booking portal. Staff can manage and confirm web requests directly from the scheduling calendar.
    • Digital imaging – Store and access patient photos, X-rays and scans from connected devices. Tools allow annotations, comparisons and sharing with specialists.
    • Electronic forms – Leverage customizable templates for clinical notes, medical history, treatment plans, consents and more. eSignature capture streamlines workflows.
    • Payment processing – Seamlessly process all major credit cards and bank transfers directly in software. Tools manage invoicing, payment plans and automated recurring billing.

    CareStack allows in-depth adaptation of workflows and tools to match each practice’s unique needs.


    data-driven cloud-based dental practice management software

    Denticon offers advanced analytics and business intelligence capabilities for data-driven cloud-based dental practice management software. Key features:

    • Interactive dashboards – Visual reporting tools for drill-down insights on all practice metrics.
    • Automated reports – Scheduled delivery of reports with alerts for KPI thresholds.
    • Data integration – Collects data from multiple sources into structured views.
    • Custom analytics – Ad hoc reporting and analytics exploration without IT help.
    • Secure access – Role-based access control to protect confidential practice information.

    Denticon transforms dental practice data into actionable insights for smarter decisions.


    complete cloud-based dental practice management software

    Dentimax offers easy-to-use yet complete cloud-based dental practice management software solutions for smaller practices. Key features:

    • Simple navigation – Clean, modern interface designed for quick learning.
    • Appointment scheduling – Automatic recall reminders and waitlist handling.
    • Payment processing – Handles credit card processing and recurring billing.
    • Patient database – Stores all patient details, including images and charts.
    • Custom reporting – User-friendly tools to generate and export customized reports.
    • Powerful Patient Charting—Intuitive charting tools allow quick documentation. Customizable buttons and shortcuts streamline common tasks, and optional hands-free features provide assistance.
    • Automate Clinical Notes – Leverage templates to reduce typing. Filter notes easily by key fields like tooth or user. Templates pull standardized info.
    • Treatment Planning Options – Create multiple treatment plan scenarios for fully informed patient decisions. Name and order plans logically with step-by-step procedures.
    • Referral Tracking – Organize incoming and outgoing referrals. Set due dates to ensure referred patients return as intended. Track relationships with specialists.

    Dentimax combines powerful features with simplicity optimized for solo practitioners and smaller offices.

    Doctible – Patient Engagement Software

    Patient Engagement Software -

    Doctible provides streamlined patient engagement and automated appointment scheduling capabilities. Notable features include:

    • Online scheduling – Patients can self-schedule appointments 24/7 via the portal.
    • Automated reminders – Text, email, and voice reminders and confirmations.
    • Mobile calendaring – Patient appointments automatically sync to calendars.
    • Waitlist management – Helps manage waitlists and book short notice openings.
    • Business analytics – Insights on scheduling productivity and patient demand.
    • Digital Forms – Improve Patient Experience—Digitize intake and consent.

    Doctible makes appointment scheduling simple, efficient, and fully automated.


    ClearDent is dental practice management software -

    ClearDent is modern cloud-based dental practice management software that helps dentists and their teams manage all aspects of running a dental business. It’s a complete “all-in-one” software solution that is easy to use. Key features:

    • Preconfigured chart forms – Templates optimized for perio, ortho, endo, pediatric, and other specialties.
    • ClearDent cloud-based–  You can access ClearDent from any device like smartphones, tablets, laptops and PCs – anywhere with an internet connection. This allows you to be productive even outside your office
    • Treatment planning – Tools for comprehensive plan creation with images, consents, and financials.
    • Digital workflows – Paperless document management with cloud storage integration.
    • MacPractice integration – Interoperates seamlessly with MacPractice EHR.
    • eServices – Online patient scheduling, forms, payments, and text reminders.
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    ClearDent provides the specialty-focused tools dental teams need for efficient workflows.

    ACE Dental

    ACE Dental integrates leading practice management software

    ACE Dental integrates leading practice management software and the top dental imaging systems and scanners. Features:

    • Imaging integrations – Interfaces with X-ray sensors, intraoral cameras, CBCT, and imaging centers.
    • Scanner integration – Connects digital impression scanners like iTero and 3Shape.
    • Direct data transfer – Images and scans directly enter patient charts without manual steps.
    • Cloud connectivity – Fully synced integration across locations and software access points.
    • Small footprint – Seamless background integration without affecting core software performance.

    ACE Dental allows dental teams to maximize their technology investments with tight seamless integrations.


    compressed Dentisoft is most popular dental practice management software -

    Dentisoft is most popular dental practice management software that offers scalable, cloud-based solutions tailored for solo practices up to 50 provider groups. Features include:

    • Shared access – Secure access to patient information across multiple locations.
    • Native integrations – Works seamlessly with Dexis, Dolphin, and other popular dental software.
    • Paperless billing – Electronic dental claims filing along with print/mail options.
    • Automated reminders – Voice, text, and email options for recall and confirmations.
    • Clinical documentation – Treatment planning, charting, and imaging handled digitally.

    Dentisoft provides the capabilities dental practices need for efficient operations and growth.

    Key Considerations When Choosing Software

    With so many excellent options now available, dental practices need to assess their specific needs and priorities when choosing new management software. Here are some key factors to consider:

    • Features – Make a list of must-have features based on your practice work processes and specialized needs. Compare options to find systems with the capabilities you require.
    • Budget – Cloud software costs can vary widely depending on the solution. Make sure to consider ongoing monthly fees, not just upfront costs. Evaluate potential ROI.
    • Learning curve – Look at how much training and time will be required to get staff up to speed and working efficiently on the new system.
    • Support – Evaluate available customer support channels like phone, email, chat, remote access, and self-help options to ensure your needs will be covered.
    • Customization – Determine if you need a system you can tailor with settings, fields, workflows and other adjustments for your unique preferences.
    • Scalability – Make sure the system can grow with your practice over time by adding locations, providers, and functionality.
    • Integration – Review what other software, equipment, and apps the system integrates with to streamline technology use.
    • Security – Confirm the vendor uses robust measures to secure data and prevent unauthorized access, meeting all regulatory requirements.

    Taking the time to evaluate your practice’s needs thoroughly will help you select and implement the best cloud dental software system to take your office to the next level. Partnering with the right technology provider lays the foundation for running an efficient, profitable, and patient-centered dental practice.


    Transitioning to a modern cloud-based solution can provide dental practices with substantial benefits when it comes to managing office operations and care workflows. Cloud platforms give care teams flexible and convenient access to patient information using any internet-connected device. They streamline software maintenance with automatic updates. Cloud systems facilitate collaboration and data sharing across locations and staff roles. They integrate seamlessly with other technologies. Advanced security protocols keep sensitive data protected.

    Leading dental software vendors now offer robust cloud practice management packages to suit offices of all sizes and needs. When selecting a system, dentists should fully assess their workflow requirements, budget, training needs, customization options, and security protocols. Taking the time to make an informed decision will lead to greater productivity, profitability, and patient satisfaction using the new platform. Harnessing the power of the cloud can take your dental practice’s performance to the next level.