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10 Best Dental Practice Management Software of 2024

    Best Dental Practice Management Software

    If you want your modern dental office to work super efficiently while giving patients awesome care, having the right dental practice management software is super important. In today’s digital world, this powerful technology acts as the central control center for running your whole business – everything from scheduling appointments and billing to communicating with patients, managing records, and much more.

    With so many unique practice management solutions out there, each with their own special features, choosing the perfect one for your specific needs can feel overwhelming. Do you want cloud access? How about connection with other systems like imaging or patient messaging tools? How good are the reporting and data analytics parts?

    This deep guide to the best dental practice management software has you covered. We’ll explore the leading options dental offices like yours trust for efficiently running operations while setting up for continued growth. You’ll get an objective analysis full of insights on key features, pros and cons, and recommended use cases for each solution.

    Whether you’re a solo dentist, a multi-office group practice, or dental service organization looking to streamline processes, this guide will empower you to select PM software that meets your goals. The right technology lays the foundation for optimal productivity, amazing patient experiences, and sustainable long-term scalability.

    When evaluating dental practice management software solutions, it’s crucial to consider key capabilities like patient scheduling, appointment management, electronic health records (EHR) integration, billing and invoicing, insurance claims processing, treatment planning, dental charting, workflow automation, patient communication tools, reporting and analytics, inventory management, a user-friendly patient portal, support for multi-location practices, dental imaging integration, compliance with regulations like HIPAA, and robust data security measures.

    A top-notch dental practice management platform should seamlessly combine all these vital functions into one cohesive, cloud-based solution accessible from anywhere. This enables your team to manage the entire patient journey effortlessly – from online booking and reminders to chairside documentation and following up on outstanding billing. With centralized patient records, streamlined clinical workflows, and real-time reporting on key metrics, your practice can operate like a finely tuned machine primed for efficiency and growth.

    1. Dentrix Ascend

    Dentrix Ascend is best dental practice management software

    Dentrix Ascend is a powerful, cloud-based dental practice management software that combines important capabilities like practice management, patient communication tools and revenue cycle management all on one platform.

    Key Features

    • Easy Appointment Scheduling: Use visual scheduling tools to easily coordinate appointments across multiple locations, providers, and operatories.
    • Online Patient Portal: Engage patients through a modern portal for appointment booking, secure messaging, viewing records, and making payments.
    • Automated Communication Tools: Streamline patient outreach through automated appointment reminders, recalls, promotional campaigns, and more.
    • Insurance Processing Suite: Built-in tools simplify electronic claims filing, eligibility checks, and benefits tracking for accurate billing.
    • Full Reporting: Get 360-degree visibility into key practice metrics, productivity analytics, revenue cycles and operational insights.

    As a leading cloud-based dental practice management software platform, Dentrix Ascend provides an all-in-one solution to streamline and automate every aspect of your practice operations. When new patients book their first appointment online, the system’s automated patient engagement tools kick into gear – sending out customized reminders, collecting intake forms digitally, and prepping their electronic health record.

    On the clinical side, Dentrix Ascend’s charting capabilities make documenting a breeze by providing templates for quick note-taking and integrating seamlessly with advanced dental imaging hardware. Automated patient communication tools also ensure your team never has to manually send recall notices or message about outstanding treatment plans.

    Perhaps most critically, the platform’s revenue cycle management functionality equips your organization with a full digital command center for monitoring finances. With centralized billing, you can effortlessly process invoices and insurance claims while leveraging machine learning-powered data analysis to identify areas for boosting revenue and cutting costs.

    The key advantage of Dentrix Ascend is its ability to unify so many vital workflows under one umbrella through a modern, intuitive cloud interface. No more dealing with clunky legacy systems or constant software updates – this cutting-edge solution keeps your practice on the leading edge of dental practice efficiency and patient engagement.


    • Fully cloud-based for easy anytime, anywhere access from any device
    • Tightly integrated across Henry Schein’s full suite of dental technologies
    • Modern patient tools enhance the overall experience
    • Automates many routine admin tasks to boost efficiency
    • Powerful reporting with analytics for optimal decision-making

    Potential Downsides

    • Takes some learning for staff used to more basic PM systems
    • Integration abilities may be limited beyond Henry Schein products
    • Depth of features means underutilization possible without proper training

    Best For:

    With its extensive, integrated capabilities, Dentrix Ascend works incredibly well for larger, multi-site group practices, DSOs, and big dental organizations needing depth and scalability.

    How to Use Dentrix Ascend:

    1. Centralize operations by first setting up locations, providers, operatories, insurance carriers.
    2. Load all patient records, histories, and outstanding treatment plans.
    3. Set automated reminders, confirmations, recalls and promotional campaigns.
    4. Use visual scheduling tools to efficiently manage appointments across offices.
    5. Leverage data analytics reporting for insights to streamline and boost revenues.

    As a leading, end-to-end dental software platform from a trusted industry leader, Dentrix Ascend offers comprehensive capabilities to power your practice’s growth.

    2. Curve Dental

    Curve Dental -

    Curve Dental is a refreshingly modern, cloud-based practice management and patient engagement solution built specifically for the unique needs of dental offices.

    Key Features

    • Online Booking and Scheduling: Patients can conveniently book appointments online through an intuitive self-service portal.
    • Automated Appointment Management: Custom text/email reminders, confirmations, and online forms streamline scheduling workflows.
    • Financial Suite: Paperless billing, flexible payment options, automated insurance processing, and financial reporting.
    • Clinical Workflows & Charting: User-friendly tools to manage patient records, treatment plans, imaging, clinical notes, and more.
    • Patient Communication Hub: Secure messaging, automated marketing campaigns, online reviews management, and customizable patient app.

    Designed from the ground up as a cloud-native dental practice management platform, Curve Dental provides a streamlined, all-in-one system to run your entire practice operations effortlessly. With an emphasis on modern patient engagement capabilities, the software enables a frictionless experience from the very first touchpoint.

    Patients can easily book their appointments online 24/7 through a user-friendly self-service portal, filling out any required digital forms beforehand. As their visit date approaches, automated text and email reminders go out to minimize no-shows. Upon arrival, a streamlined digital check-in process kicks off the efficient, paperless clinical workflow.

    Behind the scenes, Curve’s software centralizes all patient records, diagnostic imaging, treatment plans, and charting in one secure location accessible to your team from anywhere. This centralized command center also supports comprehensive documentation of clinical notes, prescriptions, and next steps for outstanding care.

    When it comes to billing, Curve eliminates outdated paper statements through a slick, user-friendly online system. Patients can view their complete outstanding invoices, make payments electronically, and get prompted for any remaining balances. Integrated insurance eligibility checks and electronic claims filing keep your billings seamless and error-free.

    Overall, Curve Dental represents a refreshingly modern, stripped-down take on cloud practice management software centered on simplicity, online convenience and automation across every touchpoint. With clean user experiences for both your patients and staff, your practice can run like a well-oiled machine from any browser or device.


    • Cloud-based for flexibility with an intuitive, modern user interface
    • Designed specifically for dentistry with relevant specialty-specific workflows
    • User-friendly online booking creates convenience for new/existing patients
    • Built-in financial, clinical and engagement tools provide centralized visibility
    • Advanced reporting capabilities for optimizing operations and revenues

    Potential Downsides

    • Limited customization and flexibility beyond out-of-the-box functionality
    • Integration ecosystem could be limited compared to larger players
    • Newer company means reputation/track record not as established

    Best For:

    Curve Dental makes an ideal practice management solution for small to mid-sized private dental practices seeking an affordable, all-in-one system with a modern cloud-based architecture.

    How to Use Curve Dental:

    1. Configure core system settings like locations, providers, operatories and fee schedules.
    2. Enable Online Booking through the Portal and customize appointment types/availability.
    3. Set automated confirmations, reminders and communications based on preferences.
    4. Streamline clinical workflows using chart management and treatment planning tools.
    5. Utilize revenue cycle management features for paperless billing and insurance processing.

    With its cloud accessibility, modern online patient tools and unified management of core practice operations, Curve Dental delivers a powerful yet user-friendly dental PM solution.

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    3. Denticon

    best dental practice management software

    Denticon is the best dental practice management software from Planet DDS built to drive standardization, centralization, and scalability.

    Key Features

    • Intuitive Visual Scheduling: Manage schedules across multiple locations using effortless drag-and-drop techniques.
    • Online Patient Engagement Tools: Offer self-service appointment booking, secure messaging, records access and more through a modern portal.
    • Dental Imaging Integration: Seamlessly integrates with Apteryx dental imaging software for efficient charting and treatment planning.
    • Revenue Cycle Optimization: Streamline billing and collections processes through paperless statements, automated reminders and real-time dashboards.
    • Robust Reporting Suite: Gain in-depth visibility into key operational metrics, business intelligence insights, and powerful data analytics.

    As a leading cloud-based dental practice management software platform, Denticon from Planet DDS provides a centralized digital hub to run every facet of your organization – whether you’re a solo practitioner or a rapidly expanding multi-site group.

    Everything starts with an intuitive appointment scheduling module that lets you easily coordinate operations across all locations using simple drag-and-drop techniques. This centralized calendar seamlessly integrates with Denticon’s online patient engagement tools. New and existing patients can book appointments online at their convenience and receive automated reminders to minimize no-shows.

    From an operational standpoint, Denticon streamlines your clinical documentation workflows by seamlessly integrating with Planet DDS’s advanced Apteryx dental imaging software. Your team can pull up crisp, clear 3D imaging directly into patient charts, expediting the entire exam, diagnosis, and treatment planning process.

    Regarding billing, Denticon eliminates time-consuming paper statements through fully digital invoicing sent directly to a patient’s secure online portal. Automated payment reminders keep your revenue cycle healthy, while robust financial reporting dashboards provide intelligent data-driven insights on key metrics and opportunities to boost profitability.

    Overall, this cloud dental practice management solution is engineered from the ground up to drive standardization and consistency in your processes – whether you’re a single office or a rapidly-growing multi-location dental group. With centralized data, streamlined digital workflows and advanced analytics, Denticon empowers practices of any size to operate at peak efficiency and scale rapidly.


    • Cloud architecture allows remote, centralized access from anywhere
    • Designed specifically to standardize processes across multi-location groups
    • Deep integration with other Planet DDS solutions like imaging and acquisition
    • Patient engagement tools enhance overall satisfaction and retention
    • Advanced analytics provide a 360-degree command center for optimizing ops

    Potential Downsides

    • Users may face learning curves adopting cloud-based processes/workflows
    • Reporting power could overwhelm solo dentists not requiring such depth
    • System can carry higher subscription costs compared to basic PM software

    Best For:

    With its focus on standardization across locations and practices, Denticon excels as a centralized practice management and optimization engine for emerging and established multi-site dental groups and DSOs.

    How to Use Denticon:

    1. Centralize data through configurations of locations, providers, operatories and settings.
    2. Streamline scheduling through intuitive visual appointment booking tools.
    3. Empower patients with online self-service booking, messaging and education resources.
    4. Optimize image integration and treatment planning through Apteryx software.
    5. Analyze key operational metrics and KPIs through comprehensive reporting dashboards.

    As the core practice management platform within Planet DDS’s dental software ecosystem, Denticon provides robust capabilities to centralize data, standardize workflows and fuel sustainable growth for multi-location organizations.

    4. Dentrix Enterprise

    Dentrix Enterprise -

    Dentrix Enterprise, one of the best dental practice management software by Henry Schein represents a leading on-premise practice management solution engineered for the needs of larger dental organizations.

    Key Features

    • Centralized Database Management: Single, centralized database stores and secures all operational and patient data.
    • Multi-Location & Multi-Site Tools: Efficiently manage scheduling, reporting and data sharing across various locations and practice sites.
    • Clinical Tools & Digital Charting: Advanced tools to manage patient records, clinical notes, treatment planning and digital imaging.
    • Financial & Business Operations: Streamlined billing, claims management, payment processing and accounting integrations.
    • Robust Reporting Suite Gain rich insights through custom reports, robust BI dashboards and operational analytics.

    While most modern dental software has transitioned to the cloud, there remains a subset of large multi-location groups and DSOs who prefer robust on-premise solutions like Dentrix Enterprise. As its name implies, this is Henry Schein’s flagship server-based practice management platform, which was purpose-built to enable efficient centralized operations.

    The core of Dentrix Enterprise is a centralized database acting as a single secure repository for all practice data – patient records, provider schedules, treatment plans, invoicing details and more. This centralized approach eliminates issues around synchronizing data across disparate systems and offices.

    From an operational standpoint, the software provides enterprise-grade tools to manage scheduling and operations across multiple locations from a unified platform. A centralized scheduler can optimize provider availability and appointment booking across any sites or operatories in your organization.

    On the clinical side, Dentrix Enterprise delivers comprehensive digital charting tools integrated with imaging hardware to streamline the documentation of exams, diagnoses, proposed treatment plans and more. All information flows into each patient’s comprehensive electronic health record.

    Regarding the financial and business aspects, Dentrix Enterprise drives efficiency through centralized billing, payment processing, and insurance claims management. Integrated accounting software and reporting dashboards help large organizations optimize their revenue cycles.

    While the upfront deployment process and infrastructure requirements are more involved than cloud solutions, Dentrix Enterprise provides unparalleled control, security, and visibility for dental groups that require centralized command over all their critical data and processes.


    • Proven, stable and longstanding on-premise database architecture
    • Designed specifically for multi-site groups requiring centralized data management
    • Advanced clinical and practice growth tools beyond basic PM capabilities
    • Integrates easily with other industry-standard imaging and business systems
    • Comprehensive reporting with ability to customize to unique needs

    Potential Downsides

    • Higher upfront capital investments required in server hardware/infrastructure
    • User access requires physical connections to the central practice database
    • On-premise installation/configuration process more complex and time-consuming
    • Carrying costs associated with ongoing maintenance, upgrades and backups

    Best For:

    With its proven centralized database framework, strong multi-site tools and breadth of clinical/operational management features, Dentrix Enterprise best fits larger DSOs requiring an on-premise solution.

    How to Use Dentrix Enterprise:

    1. Deploy centralized server infrastructure and configure databases, settings and users.
    2. Establish processes for standardized clinical workflows, record-keeping and imaging.
    3. Configure centralized scheduling tools to coordinate operatories across sites.
    4. Streamline billing and insurance management through integrated financial tools.
    5. Leverage custom reporting with BI dashboards to optimize operations and analyze growth.

    As an on-premise powerhouse engineered for large-scale groups, Dentrix Enterprise offers robust management of all core operations through a centralized, server-based database architecture.

    5. Lighthouse 360

    Lighthouse 360 -

    Lighthouse 360 is a leading best dental practice management software known for its ability to standardize and centralize operations across dental organizations.

    Key Features

    • Visual Scheduling & Optimization: Book appointments across locations using intuitive drag-and-drop tools and centralized visibility.
    • Patient Engagement & Communication: Engage patients through online booking, text/email confirmations, recalls and paperless onboarding.
    • Clinical Workflow Management: Streamline record-keeping, charting, treatment planning and case presentation workflows.
    • Revenue Cycle Management Suite: Simplify billing routines through paperless statements, online payments, claims processing and analytics.
    • Custom Reporting & Dashboards: Centralized dashboards provide cross-organization visibility into production, collections, AR, and more.

    Maintaining consistent processes and centralized command over your business is critical for dental groups operating multiple practice locations. This is where cloud practice management platforms like Lighthouse 360 really shine. As its name implies, this solution provides a 360-degree operational “lighthouse” to streamline and optimize your entire organization.

    From a centralized web-based dashboard, your team can manage provider schedules and patient appointments across every office using intuitive drag-and-drop capabilities. The ability to visualize and coordinate operations digitally minimizes overlapping appointments and wasted operatory chair time.

    When new patients first arrive, Lighthouse 360’s online self-service portal streamlines their intake experience through paperless onboarding workflows and automated reminders. This same centralized hub also enables existing patients to conveniently book their own follow-ups online while receiving automated text/email recalls.

    In the operatories, Lighthouse 360 provides robust clinical workflow management tools for streamlining everything from initial examination charting through treatment planning and case presentation. Digital imaging capabilities allow your clinicians to seamlessly integrate visual documentation into each patient’s electronic health record.

    On the financial side, the cloud-based platform centralizes all billing, claims management, payment processing and revenue cycle analytics across your entire dental organization. This eliminates redundancies while providing real-time visibility into key metrics like accounts receivable, outstanding balances, claim statuses and more.

    Perhaps most critically, Lighthouse 360’s reporting dashboards compile all this operational data into unified business intelligence visualizations accessible from anywhere. With these insights, you can rapidly identify opportunities to standardize processes, reduce inefficiencies and optimize performance across all your practice locations.

    Overall, this cloud dental practice management software stands out for its ability to bring all the moving pieces across a multi-office dental group under one centralized digital umbrella. Workflow standardization, centralized data aggregation and intelligent reporting empower you to operate every aspect of your organization more efficiently and strategically.


    • Centralized, cloud-hosted architecture allows easy data sharing across locations
    • Tools to standardize and streamline routines at every practice
    • Modules centralize workflows for efficient management of larger organizations
    • Built-in automation and patient engagement tools enhance overall experience
    • Comprehensive reporting provides operational command center across all sites

    Potential Downsides

    • More limited third-party integration options compared to other major platforms
    • User interface may lack some modern polish and intuitiveness in certain areas
    • Advanced functionality could lead to underutilization without proper staff training
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    Best For:

    Emerging and established multi-location dental groups and DSOs looking to centralize operations across offices through standardized cloud-hosted management.

    How to Use Lighthouse 360:

    1. Centralize data by establishing settings, providers, locations, fee schedules.
    2. Configure automated appointment reminders, recalls, confirmations and notifications.
    3. Streamline clinical operations through charting, treatment planning and imaging tools.
    4. Utilize centralized visual scheduling tools to view and optimize overall capacity.
    5. Leverage robust reporting and BI dashboards to systematically improve performance.

    As a cloud solution focused on centralization, Lighthouse 360 allows growing dental organizations to establish consistent management standards across all sites.

    6. Cloud 9 – Ortho

    Cloud 9 Ortho -

    Cloud 9 – Ortho by Planet DDS represents a specialized best cloud practice management software solution that is purpose-built for orthodontic practices and groups.

    Key Features

    • Patient Engagement Tools: Modern portal for online scheduling, payments, secure messaging and treatment tracking.
    • Clinical Workflows & Charting: Streamlined treatment planning, digital records, charting and orthodontic appliance tracking.
    • Visual Scheduling & Optimization: Coordinate schedules across locations/providers through intuitive drag-and-drop appointment booking.
    • Revenue Cycle Management: Billing, claims management, automated insurance verification, paperless statements and more.
    • Robust Custom Reporting: Access metrics, KPIs and business intelligence insights through real-time dashboards.

    While most practice management software aims to be a “jack of all trades” for general dentistry, certain specialized solutions are tailored to the unique needs of specific specialties like orthodontics. Cloud 9 – Ortho represents Planet DDS’s comprehensive cloud platform built from the ground up to address every facet of running an orthodontic practice or multi-site group.

    From the first patient interaction, Cloud 9’s modern online portal creates a seamless digital experience for scheduling consultations or appointments and securely messaging your team. As treatment plans progress, patients and parents can log in from anywhere to view updates, make payments and monitor progress.

    In the clinic, your orthodontists and treatment coordinators benefit from Cloud 9’s specialized charting and case management tools tailored specifically to orthodontic appliances, wires, adjustments and more. This comprehensive digital documentation all flows directly into each patient’s secure electronic health record.

    When managing operations across multiple locations, Cloud 9 provides a centralized approach to every critical process. Visual drag-and-drop scheduling allows you to effortlessly coordinate chair time and maximize productivity across every office. Cloud-based access ensures providers always have the latest data at their fingertips, no matter where they see patients.

    On the financial side, Cloud 9’s billing suite automates every step, from insurance eligibility verification through claims processing and payment collection. Streamlined paperless statements keep your revenue cycle healthy and cash flowing. At the same time, built-in reporting dashboards compile operational data into clear visualizations of key performance metrics across your entire orthodontic organization.

    Cloud 9 – Ortho provides a unique combination of specialty-specific clinical management, enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure, and multi-site scalability. This powerful yet focused approach allows orthodontic practices of any size to operate at peak efficiency without compromising features or functionality.


    • Specifically tailored for the unique needs and nuances of orthodontic practices
    • Online self-service tools allow patients to track progress, make payments, etc.
    • Automates many routine tasks to drive increased productivity
    • Centralized management optimizes operations across multi-site groups
    • Reporting suite provides 360-degree business command center visibility

    Potential Downsides

    • More specialized solutions limited exclusively to orthodontic use cases
    • Potentially higher costs compared to generalized practice management solutions
    • Underutilization is possible without proper staff training on advanced features

    Best For:

    Fast-growing orthodontic practices and multi-location groups sought a specialized, centralized cloud platform to streamline operations.

    How to Use Cloud 9 – Ortho:

    1. Configure the system for locations, providers, schedules, and orthodontic specifics.
    2. Streamline patient engagement through online tools for scheduling/tracking care.
    3. Centralize clinical operations like digital charting, treatment planning, and recordkeeping.
    4. Establish automated insurance eligibility, claims processing, and paperless billing.
    5. Continuously optimize performance through custom reporting and BI dashboards.

    Designed from the ground up specifically for orthodontics, Cloud 9 provides centralized cloud management of all patient, clinical and business operations.

    7. Eaglesoft Dental

    Eaglesoft Dental by Patterson Dental practice management software

    Eaglesoft Dental by Patterson Dental is a leading practice management software suite popular with dentists for its strengths in clinical management.

    Key Features

    • Digital Imaging & Charting: Advanced 2D/3D imaging, radiography, digital impressions and intraoral camera integration.
    • Patient Records Management: User-friendly tools for documenting and updating patient histories, clinical notes, diagnoses, etc.
    • Treatment Planning & Case Presentation: Generate comprehensive, shareable treatment plans seamlessly from digital charting.
    • Practice Analytics Reporting: Access real-time metrics and data insights covering areas like production, recare, recall, and more.
    • Financial Functions: Process billing statements, payment processing, insurance claims, and reporting on financial performance.

    While many dental practice management solutions aim to be generalized “jack of all trades” platforms, Eaglesoft emphasizes providing dentists with industry-leading digital clinical capabilities to elevate patient care and office efficiency.

    At the core of Eaglesoft is a comprehensive digital imaging and charting suite that integrates seamlessly with Patterson’s industry-standard hardware. This allows your clinicians to easily capture crisp 2D and 3D images, digital impressions, radiographs and more – all flowing directly into each patient’s secure electronic record.

    These digital clinical documentation tools extend naturally into Eaglesoft’s treatment planning module. Using the intuitive drag-and-drop interface, dentists can map out recommended procedures and project costs based on the information charted and digitized. With just a few clicks, providers can then compile these details into professional, reader-friendly case presentations to share and discuss with patients.

    Beyond optimizing chairside workflows, Eaglesoft also provides a full complement of capabilities for managing a modern dental practice’s operational and financial aspects. This includes scheduling tools, billing and invoicing functions, payment processing integrations, insurance verification, etc.

    To monitor how your practice is trending, Eaglesoft furnishes real-time analytics dashboards visualizing key metrics around areas like production, patient recare, accounts receivable and more. These illuminate areas of strength and identify opportunities for improvement.

    With its well-rounded practice management suite wrapped into an intuitive, image-centric platform, Eaglesoft positions itself as an ideal solution for dentists looking to streamline clinical documentation while capitalizing on digital efficiencies. Advanced integration with Patterson hardware adds further value.


    • Offers one of the industry’s most advanced clinical documentation suites
    • Seamless integration of digital imaging and charting through Patterson hardware
    • Modern tools for engaging patients and designing compelling treatment plans
    • Open integration architecture allowing for many certified third-party connections
    • Cloud-hosted deployment or conventional on-premise server installation options

    Potential Downsides

    • Potential limitations in providing centralized operations for multi-site practices
    • Learning curves involved in fully optimizing its comprehensive charting/imaging toolbox
    • Add-on costs for advanced functionality modules like patient engagement or reporting

    Best For:

    Eaglesoft Dental excels as an ideal clinical and image-centric practice management solution for dental practices, especially those utilizing Patterson imaging hardware and equipment.

    How to Use Eaglesoft Dental:

    1. Configure system preferences, provider information and any specialty-specific settings.
    2. Establish streamlined digital imaging and workflow processes around charting tools.
    3. Centralize patient record management and document all treatment histories.
    4. Leverage treatment planning functionality to create visually compelling case presentations.
    5. Integrate add-ons like patient portals and robust analytics reporting as needed.

    With its deep imaging and clinical management functionality combined with essential financial/operational tools, Eaglesoft provides a versatile platform tailored to modern dental practice.

    8. XLDent

    dental practice management software -

    XLDent by Planet DDS is a cloud-based, enterprise-grade dental practice management software engineered to support large, multi-location dental organizations.

    Key Features

    • Centralized Management Hub: Command center for standardizing processes, reporting and operations across all practice sites.
    • Automated Scheduling & Optimization: Drag-and-drop tools to efficiently book appointments and maximize productivity across locations.
    • Revenue Cycle Management Suite: Centralized billing, claims, eligibility checks, payment processing and business analytics reporting.
    • Clinical Workflow Management: Digital charting, treatment planning, case presentation tools and integrated imaging capabilities.
    • Scalable Cloud Infrastructure: Hosted on proven enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure enabling high availability and redundancy.

    For dental service organizations, group practices and large multi-location companies operating numerous offices, maintaining centralized command and control over every aspect of the business is absolutely mission-critical. This is precisely what Planet DDS’s flagship XLDent cloud platform is engineered to provide.

    From a single unified dashboard, XLDent enables you to establish and enforce consistent, standardized processes across every site in your organization – no matter how large or widespread your footprint. This starts with a centralized configuration of core settings like providers, locations, fee schedules, etc. All data flows into XLDent’s centralized repository, eliminating information silos.

    When it comes to appointment scheduling, XLDent provides enterprise-scale visual optimization tools to maximize operatory utilization across your offices. Does one location have an influx of patient demand? Open chair times at other sites can be identified and leveled with a few clicks to balance scheduling.

    On the clinical side, XLDent streamlines digital charting, treatment planning, case presentation creation and more through an advanced, image-centric documentation suite. Built-in integration with dental imaging hardware and software lets your providers capture and visualize everything from X-rays to 3D models directly into each patient’s secure records.

    Perhaps XLDent’s biggest advantage lies in its enterprise-grade revenue cycle management capabilities tailored to the complexities of running large, multi-site dental operations. The platform centralizes every step of the billing process – from eligibility checks and claims processing through payment posting and accounts receivable management. Automated tools drive efficiency while machine learning-powered analytics optimize revenue capture.

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    All of these core practice management functions take place within XLDent’s modern, secure and highly available cloud infrastructure. This ensures your critical business operations, data and patient information always remain protected yet accessible to authorized providers from any location or device.

    Wrapping these advanced capabilities into an intuitive, cloud-native user experience, XLDent delivers the robust centralized command center required by today’s largest, most sophisticated and geographically dispersed dental organizations. With standardization, automation, reporting and multi-site orchestration at its core, this dental practice management software provides the mission-critical backbone to run and scale massive operations efficiently.


    • Centralized architecture designed for standardizing operations across large organizations
    • Robust automation tools drive efficiency and productivity across all practice sites
    • Advanced features built to support complex billing and insurance processing needs
    • Hosted on secure, highly scalable and redundant cloud infrastructure
    • Complementary integration with other Planet DDS solutions like imaging and acquisition

    Potential Downsides

    • Higher price point compared to individual practice management solutions
    • More advanced functionality could introduce underutilization challenges
    • May represent potential overkill for solo practitioners or small practice needs

    Best For:

    XLDent represents an ideal end-to-end cloud practice management platform optimized for large dental groups, multi-location DSOs and enterprise-level dental organizations.

    How to Leverage XLDent:

    1. Centralize core setup across providers, locations, fee schedules, settings.
    2. Standardize clinical operations through digital charting, treatment planning, imaging.
    3. Streamline scheduling across sites through automated optimization tools.
    4. Establish centralized revenue cycle management for billing, claims, payments.
    5. Leverage robust reporting suite to measure KPIs, identify inefficiencies, drive improvements.

    As Planet DDS’s flagship enterprise solution, XLDent provides centralized data management, workflow standardization and scalable infrastructure to facilitate growth.

    9. Open Dental

    dental practice management software opendental -

    Open Dental is a leading open-source dental practice management software offering full customization capabilities to meet unique operational needs.

    Key Features

    • Fully Customizable Architecture: With access to 100% of the underlying source code, every aspect of the software can be configured.
    • Clinical Charting & Documentation: Powerful digital imaging integration combined with flexible treatment planning workflows.
    • Multi-Location & Mobile Support: Centralized cloud deployments accessible anywhere plus native mobile apps.
    • Billing & Revenue Cycle Management: Tools for statements, claims, payment processing and integrated insurance eligibility checks.
    • Certified Developer Community: Access to an ecosystem of certified third-party developers creating custom integrations/apps.

    In today’s landscape of proprietary, closed practice management systems, Open Dental stands out by providing dental practices and groups unparalleled customization freedom through its open-source foundations. This solution represents the ultimate in flexibility and scalability.

    At its core, Open Dental furnishes users full access to 100% of the underlying source code. This means you’re no longer confined to traditional commercial software’s limitations or forced roadmap. Instead, you can work directly with certified developers to tailor the architecture, modules, and integrations to craft your ideal customized dental PM system.

    Out of the box, Open Dental has powerful clinical management and documentation capabilities that are ideal for modern dental practices. Whether capturing crisp digital images, mapping out treatment plans, or updating comprehensive patient health records, Open Dental streamlines each step through user-friendly tools and templates.

    On the operational side, this dental software provides all the essential practice management functions like scheduling, billing and invoicing, payment processing, and insurance eligibility/claims management. By removing traditional license fees, the open-source model provides cost efficiencies.

    One major advantage lies in Open Dental’s flexible multi-location and mobile support. The same customized cloud-hosted system can be centrally accessed from anywhere by authorized providers – whether at a desktop, laptop or mobile device. This ensures consistent data flows across every office in your organization.

    However, Open Dental’s unique differentiator is the ability to tap into a vast ecosystem of certified third-party developers. These coding professionals can create customized integrations, apps and plug-ins to extend Open Dental’s core functionality and capabilities in virtually any way imaginable.

    Whether you’re a solo dentist with highly specialized needs or a rapidly evolving multi-location group, Open Dental’s open architecture provides the infrastructure to scale an ever-evolving, tailored practice management solution over time. While the upfront work may seem intensive, the long-term rewards come through unmatched operational customization perfectly aligned to your ideal processes.


    • Open-source model allows for unlimited customization of features and functionality
    • Multi-location and cloud deployment options provide flexibility across diverse environments
    • Lower costs compared to proprietary software through lack of recurring licensing fees
    • Certified developer community creating integrations to extend core capabilities
    • Strong imaging capabilities and interoperability for enhanced clinical documentation

    Potential Downsides

    • Open nature means less out-of-the-box standardization and guidance
    • Customization abilities can add technical overhead and dependencies on developers
    • Lacks some all-in-one patient engagement and communication tools included out-of-the-box
    • Smaller team contributing to open-source development versus proprietary solutions

    Best For:

    Open Dental represents an ideal solution for dental practices and organizations seeking fully customizable practice management combined with clinical charting power.

    How to Leverage Open Dental:

    1. Install and configure your customized deployment (cloud, on-premise server, etc.)
    2. Work with developers to tailor core functionality, workflows and settings as needed.
    3. Establish streamlined digital imaging and documentation processes for your practice.
    4. Build custom revenue cycle management routines from claims to payment processing.
    5. Tap into certified developer ecosystem to integrate third-party tools and capabilities.

    With its open foundations, Open Dental allows dental organizations to build and continuously evolve custom practice management solutions.

    10. NexHealth


    NexHealth is a robust, cloud-native platform offering dental practices a full suite of integrated functionalities for engagement, operations and analytics.

    Key Features

    • Online Patient Experience Tools: Intuitive portal for virtual consultations, online booking, secure messaging and payments.
    • Automated Appointment Management: Reminders, confirmations, recalls, rescheduling and waitlist management tools.
    • Reputation Management: Generate reviews and monitor/respond to feedback across popular platforms.
    • Practice Management Capabilities: Tools for scheduling, records management, billing and reporting business intelligence.
    • Advanced Marketing Functionality: Dynamic intake forms, email campaigns, patient reactivation and growth analytics reporting.

    In today’s digital-first world, modern dental practices require integrated technology solutions that unify and automate every touchpoint along the patient journey – from initial awareness and booking through treatment, billing and retention. This is precisely what NexHealth’s cloud-native platform is purpose-built to deliver.

    NexHealth establishes a frictionless digital front door for your practice through its user-friendly online patient experience tools. From the very first interaction, potential new patients can explore your services, book virtual consultations, schedule appointments, and submit intake paperwork digitally – all through an intuitive self-service portal.

    Once appointments are booked, NexHealth’s automated appointment management suite kicks in to drive efficiency. Robust tools handle all confirmation and reminder communications via text/email/app, manage online rescheduling requests, waitlist prioritization and more. This minimizes no-shows while providing a premium patient experience.

    Throughout treatment, NexHealth serves as a central hub to facilitate ongoing engagement. Secure two-way messaging allows patients to communicate easily with your staff while electronic records and treatment plans remain accessible through the online portal. When it comes time for payment, bills can be viewed and settled digitally.

    Beyond just unifying patient touchpoints, NexHealth also provides your dental practice with robust operational capabilities for scheduling, records management, billing and analysis of key business metrics. This unified data intelligence generates powerful growth analytics to identify areas of opportunity.

    Furthermore, built-in marketing functionality like dynamic intake forms, drip email campaigns and patient reactivation tools empower your practice to consistently broaden its reach and prominence within your local market. By streamlining reputation management across review platforms, NexHealth helps protect and amplify your practice’s online presence.

    With its unique combination of patient experience, operations and marketing functions delivered through a centralized cloud-based platform, NexHealth stands out as an ideal technology partner for modern dental practices looking to capitalize on the power of digital transformation.


    • Unified platform hub for critical patient touchpoints and engagement
    • Marketing and reputation management tools position practices for accelerated growth
    • Cloud accessibility across devices and locations
    • Pay-as-you-go pricing model avoids major upfront investments
    • Flexibility to utilize only desired components of the full software suite as needed

    Potential Downsides

    • 100% cloud dependency may represent limitations for any on-premise needs
    • Existing integrations could potentially lack maturity with certain third-party systems
    • Advanced automation features may require more dedicated staff involvement to optimize

    Best For:

    NexHealth excels as a complete cloud practice management and marketing platform for dental practices seeking a centralized hub for boosting engagement, efficiency and growth.

    How to Leverage NexHealth:

    1. Configure core settings like locations, provider schedules, services and fees.
    2. Launch automated appointment management tools and online self-service portal.
    3. Implement review generation campaigns to amplify reputation and online presence.
    4. Streamline charting, billing and general operations through unified management tools.
    5. Monitor growth opportunities and optimize through robust analytics and reporting suite.

    With its unified cloud delivery model, NexHealth offers dental practices a comprehensive platform to unify key engagement touchpoints and operational workflows.


    The right, modern dental practice management software provides major operational advantages over outdated manual processes by:

    • Centralizing and streamlining critical data flows
    • Unlocking efficiency through automation and guided workflows
    • Providing business intelligence insights to optimize
    • Improving productivity and increasing revenues
    • Delivering amazing patient experiences driving satisfaction/retention

    Adopting new PM software lets you establish standardized best-practice workflows aligned with current goals and future growth plans across your organization. User-friendly tools enhance the patient experience through conveniences like online self-service and automated communications.

    Reporting dashboards provide 360-degree visibility to systematically identify areas for optimization. With quality PM software, you gain the digital backbone to build your ideal dental practice while reaping improved efficiency, financial management, patient satisfaction, and operational scalability.