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12 Best AI Music Generators: Features, Capabilities, and use Cases

    12 Best AI Music Generators

    Did you know you can make your own music with artificial intelligence or AI? All you need is an AI music generator and just 30 seconds.

    With an AI music maker tool, you can easily create original songs. I’m going to tell you about some of the best AI music creators available. They let you generate music super fast without needing to know how to play an instrument or know anything about music notes. You just pick a style, like pop or rock, and the AI does the rest.

    Some popular AI music generators are Jukebox and Aiva. With Jukebox, you can generate a whole song in under a minute by choosing elements like the tempo, instruments, and genres. Or, with Aiva, you create music by describing what you want it to sound like in plain English. Both are really simple to use, so anyone can give music-making a try, even if they’ve never done it before.

    So, if you want to have some fun making your own songs or need music for a school project, check out one of these AI music creator apps. You’ll be amazed at the tunes you can whip up in just a few taps on your phone or computer.

    1. Aviva

    AIVA is one of the best AI music generators that can make emotional background music for commercials, video games, and movies. With AIVA, you don’t just make completely new songs – you can also change existing songs to make variations of them.

    The computer program that makes the music for AIVA makes it much easier to add music to corporate videos or social media videos. That’s because you don’t need special permission to use the music like you usually would.

    Since AIVA creates music, companies can add music to promote their products or share information without having to pay extra fees or wait for approval. The program understands how to make music that fits different feelings and moods. So whether you need uplifting music or something more mellow, AIVA can compose what you need quickly.

    Using AIVA takes the hassle out of getting the right music for promotional videos. Businesses will find it very helpful to be able to make the music they want instead of searching through expensive licensed songs.

    2. Jukebox

    Jukebox is an AI music generator that can make different kinds of music. It was created by OpenAI and learns from over 1 million real songs. That’s a huge amount of songs!

    Because of all that training, Jukebox knows how to do many music styles like reggae, R&B, jazz, hip-hop, pop, classical, country, and blues. It can switch between styles easily.

    Jukebox is also good at copying how famous artists and groups sound. So you can get it to make songs that are similar to bands you like.

    The best part is that Jukebox lets you generate brand new music. It will blend the styles and sounds it learned to create original tracks. You pick the style and artist influence, and Jukebox does the rest. This tool makes it fun and easy to produce music even if you’re not a professional!

    3. Soundraw

    SoundRaw is a cool AI music website that can make music for you. All you do is pick a style, like pop or jazz. Then you choose how long you want the song to be.

    After just a few seconds, SoundRaw shows you different songs it made in that style and length. The songs sound really good! It’s amazing that AI can generate them.

    I tried editing one song by taking parts out. SoundRaw changed the song easily but kept it sounding nice. It’s fun to try tweaking the music.

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    The only problem is you need to pay to download your songs. But you can still play around with making music for free. I tried skipping the payment and it didn’t let me save my song, which makes sense.

    SoundRaw is really user-friendly. Even if you don’t know how to make music, you can generate catchy tracks. I would believe the songs were made by people if I heard them on the radio!

    It’s a cool tool for quick background music too. Vloggers, gamers and more can find music for their videos without searching for hours.

    SoundRaw is neat for making music as a hobby or for work. Give it a try – you have nothing to lose! Let me know what kind of song you come up with.

    4. Orb Producer Suite 3

    Orb Producer Suite 3 is one of the best music production software. This software uses advanced AI to generate unlimited musical patterns, melodies, and basslines for you. It can think of new ideas automatically.

    The program is easy to use. You pick options like how fast or slow you want it, or what instruments to include. Then the AI Magic starts, and it makes the music for you.

    Orb works with all popular music software (except Pro Tools). You can use it on Mac or PC. It connects to your music projects smoothly.

    When you like a pattern the AI made, it’s simple to add into your song. Just drag it over – no complicated steps.

    Professional musicians, music producers, DJs, and studios use this tool. It helps them make music faster. Film and video editors can find loops or backing tracks painlessly too.

    If you want an AI assistant to generate music parts while you work, Orb could be a handy program to explore. The unlimited options mean you’ll never run out of ideas.

    5. Mubert

    Mubert is a new website that uses AI to make music for you. It can create background songs for videos on YouTube, TikTok, podcasts, and more.

    The AI programs can think of new songs all on their own. It takes requests, too – you tell it what kind of mood or genre you want. Then, it comes up with an original song in just 30 seconds.

    I tried out Mubert to see how well it works. The website is easy to use. You just choose if you want a new song or pick one already made.

    Making new songs is really cool. I asked for a dance song first – it sounded pretty good for being AI-made. Then, I asked for a different type of dance song with chords. That one turned out great too.

    I also tried getting a song like one of my favorite artists, Deadmau5. That one was only okay – it didn’t sound just like him. But still impressive it came up with something so fast!

    Overall, Mubert is really good at what it does. The songs don’t always sound perfect. But for just being made by computers, they are very listenable. And it’s a lot better than other music-making AIs I’ve tried before.

    The best part is that you don’t need music skills. And the songs are free to use however you want without getting in trouble. Definitely give Mubert a try – it’s really fun and could help with school projects too.

    6. Music LM

    Music LM is a new AI music tool generator from Google that can create music based on descriptions. You don’t need any musical skills – just tell the AI what you want to hear in words.

    It’s very exciting because it opens up totally new possibilities for music. No matter how unique or different your idea, Music LM may be able to make it into a real song.

    You could ask for something relaxing like a gentle violin with guitar. Or anything your imagination comes up with! The AI will try to understand and turn it into musical notes.

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    Musicians and people who make videos/games can really benefit. Instead of struggling to learn instruments, they can focus on their vision and let Music LM compose it.

    Students might also have fun describing dream songs to see what the AI comes up with. You could learn about different styles by listening to its responses.

    Music LM represents big progress in creative AI. I’m interested to see what kinds of unexpected songs people dream up using it! The future of music generation seems wide open.

    7. Loudly

    Loudly is an AI music generator tool that helps creators make customized tunes. Whether you play instruments or not, it gives you superpowers to generate new music.

    With Loudly, musicians can tweak songs however they like. But regular people and content makers can use it, too. Just describe what you have in mind, and the AI gets to work.

    Maybe you’re making a video and need background music with a certain feel. Or writing a story and wanting songs for each scene. Loudly lets your creative ideas become reality.

    The AI learns about all types of music. So you’ll get unique results, not just repeats of other songs. You’re free to invent any sounds or styles you want.

    If you love music but find it hard to learn songs, Loudly is for exploring. Tell it what you feel like hearing and listen to the output. It could spark new passions!

    Loudly gives power to everyone. Its AI helps both novices and masters unleash their musical visions. I’d recommend checking it out to see what kind of songs may come alive.

    8. MuseNet

    MuseNet is an AI music tool by OpenAI that can make different types of music. It was trained on huge amounts of real songs, so it understands many styles.

    Musicians and people who make videos/games will find it very useful. MuseNet lets you try styles you never could before. Want something classical? Modern jazz? It can experiment freely.

    Your imagination is the only limit because MuseNet gives access to endless sound possibilities. No more being stuck – let creative visions shine through powerful AI.

    MuseNet is great for learning too. Curious about genres like opera or blues? Generate samples and explore and compare. It teaches through experience unlike books alone.

    Any skill level can unleash ideas with MuseNet. Beginners see music without limits, and experts gain new tools. The creative potential has met its match in AI.

    Give MuseNet a go to enter uncharted musical territory! Discoveries await beyond normal instruments alone. Your next hit might be born through machine dreams.

    9. Boomy AI

    Boomy is a fun new way to make music using AI. With Boomy, anyone can easily create their own original songs even if they’ve never made music before. What makes Boomy special is that it has simple, user-friendly tools to help you along with the AI technology.

    Boomy has some cool features. The AI can create unique music for you based on your choices. You can personalize it by adding your vocals, changing the melody and beats, and more. Boomy also has an online community where artists can share ideas, collaborate on songs, and support each other. It is beginner-friendly for those just starting out or experienced musicians.

    Boomy has its advantages and disadvantages. One major benefit is its user-friendly interface, which eliminates the need for complicated music software. This allows users to experiment with different music styles easily. Additionally, songs created on Boomy can be shared on popular platforms like Spotify.

    Boomy has pros and cons. One advantage is its easy-to-use interface. This means users don’t need complex music software. They can easily try out different music styles. Songs made on Boomy can be shared on platforms like Spotify. However, some users may find the genre options limited.

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    The AI-generated music may not have the same uniqueness as music made by real people. Users must finish one song before starting a new project. It is also worth noting that users must complete one song before starting a new project.

    Overall, Boomy provides an easy way for anyone to create their own tunes using its simple tools and AI together. Being able to collaborate with others in the online community is also neat. While there is room to offer more genres and song quality, Boomy still lets non-musicians explore pretty cool music making. It will be interesting to see how Boomy improves and empowers more artists over time.

    10. BeatOven AI

    Do you want to generate tracks using AI? Ya, Beatoven is an AI music generator that makes royalty-free for videos, podcasts, and games. With one click, you get background music you can use legally.

    It uses AI to do the hard work. Just pick a feeling, like happy or sad. Then Beatoven mixes instrument sounds to match.

    The songs come fast too. You can get custom music that anyone would think was done by real musicians in minutes. You control how long songs are and choose styles like pop or classical.

    Content makers love Beatoven. It saves time to add tunes without licenses fees. Videos pack more punch with mood music. Podcasts can set scenes with custom intros.

    No skills needed either. Anyone can get free backup tracks perfect for projects. I heard the AI outcomes – they sounded great!

    Better yet, tweak tracks yourself. Rearrange parts or add vocals if advanced. Beatoven stays simple while pro tools get huge fast.

    For high school projects or online videos, try Beatoven tunes. Experiment risk-free until you get hits. Tell which feelings you want songs for next. Music making has entered cool new AI era!

    11. Soundful

    Soundful is a great AI music generator website for making music easily. Whether you make YouTube videos or play instruments, it has what you need.

    The AI can think up endless songs on command. Just by picking styles and feelings, you get full music tracks to use. Soundful plays artist and saves you time finding beats.

    Musicians also benefit. Use its tunes on streaming sites and earn from plays. Or get new ideas to help write your own music.

    Video creators find perfect background tunes. No licenses to pay either. Simply enhance clips however you want.

    Soundful keeps creating simple with tutorials if advanced tools come up. For visual projects or jamming, this seems like a fun music source.

    Overall it unleashes imagination through AI. Give Soundful a try to see what kind of musical adventures could start!

    12. Ecrett Music

    Everett Music is a good AI music platform for getting free songs legally. They use AI to think up tunes, so you always find the right music fast.

    Whether making YouTube videos, games, or movies, Ecrett helps artists add soundtracks without worrying about copyright issues.

    Creators will like searching different feelings and genres to discover high-quality music fitting their masterpieces. Joyful music enhances clips of how real musicians would.

    Games players also win. Everett helps set immersive worlds without skill in notes. Even band newcomers explore moods, educating future hits.

    Anyone stuck finding backup tracks tries Ecrett. surf worry-free, knowing AI assists visions, however big. The tone changes online, bringing stories alive through fresh computer sounds. Music makers meet their imaginations’ match!