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Doorking Remote Software: The Ultimate Guide to Access Control Systems

    Doorking Remote Software tool -

    The Doorking remote software allows homeowners to upgrade their existing garage door opener to add smart and convenient remote control capabilities. As more homes incorporate smart technology, being able to control devices like garage doors through an app or with your voice has become increasingly important. The Doorking remote software bridges the gap between traditional garage door openers and modern smart home functions.

    For busy homeowners, the ability to check if the garage door is closed while away from home or to open it remotely for a delivery person is incredibly valuable. Professionals like contractors also benefit from the option to grant temporary access to a home without physical remote controls. And for any user, the convenience of voice commands or automated rules takes the hassle out of manually operating the garage door. The Doorking remote integration seamlessly brings these types of smart features to their garage door opener. Whether wanting more control or automation, the software enhances the functionality of a basic opener.

    What is Doorking remote software?

    Doorking remote software is an app and online system that allows you to remotely control your Doorking garage door opener from your smartphone or other devices.

    Traditionally, garage door openers use a physical remote control device that you press buttons on to open and close the garage door. The Doorking remote software eliminates the need for the physical remote by letting you use your phone instead.

    Doorking Remote Software -

    It works by connecting your Doorking garage door opener to your home’s WiFi network. Then you download the Doorking app to your iPhone or Android phone and create an online account.

    Once set up, you can open and close your garage door from anywhere simply by using the app on your phone. The app communicates with your garage door opener over the internet through your home’s WiFi connection.

    This provides a more convenient way to control your garage compared to a physical remote. You don’t have to be at home or carry a separate remote. As long as you have your phone and an internet connection, you can open and close the garage door remotely with the Doorking app.

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    So in short, Doorking remote software allows you to replace the physical garage door remote with control of your opener through a mobile app and online account for easy remote access anywhere.

    How does it work?

    The doorking remote software works by connecting your Doorking garage door opener or gate controller to your home wireless network. Once connected, you can download the Doorking app on your iOS or Android device and create an account. When you open the app, it will locate your garage door opener or gate controller on your home network and allow you to control it remotely.

    All you need to set it up is a Doorking opener or controller that is WiFi enabled (many newer models have built-in WiFi) and an iOS or Android smartphone or tablet. The doorking remote software connects through your home’s WiFi so you need to have a stable wireless network at your home as well.

    Benefits of doorking remote software

    There are several key benefits to using doorking remote software rather than a traditional physical garage door remote:

    • Convenience: You can open and close your garage door or gate from anywhere using your smartphone even if you are not home. No need to carry a physical remote control with you.
    • Security: You can provide virtual garage door or gate openers to family, friends, contractors, or delivery drivers so they can access your garage or gate without needing the physical remote control.
    • Peace of mind: Check that your garage door is closed remotely if you forget to close it before leaving home. Get alerts if the door is left open too long for security.
    • Works with multiple devices: One Doorking account can control your garage door or gate from multiple iOS or Android phones, tablets, and computers simultaneously.
    • Simple to use: The Doorking app has an intuitive interface similar to a typical garage door remote. Easy for anyone to use remotely.
    • Over-the-air updates: The doorking remote software can receive automatic updates over WiFi to keep your system secure and add new features.

    The key advantages are the convenience of remote access from anywhere and added security from virtual access sharing without physical remotes. It modernizes your existing Doorking opener for smart home integration.

    Setting up doorking remote software

    Setting up the doorking remote software is a simple process once you have a WiFi-enabled Doorking opener or controller:

    1. Make sure your Doorking unit is updated to the latest firmware version. Check for updates through the unit’s menu or contact Doorking support.
    2. Connect your Doorking unit to your home WiFi network by following the on-screen setup instructions. Give it a static IP address for best connectivity.
    3. Download the Doorking app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store onto your iOS or Android device.
    4. Open the app and tap “Add Device”. Follow the prompts to connect to your Doorking unit on your home network.
    5. Create an online Doorking account with your email and choose a password. This links your devices.
    6. You can now open and close your garage door or gate remotely from the app on any paired device when away from home.
    7. Optionally, you can share virtual remote access with friends/family by inviting them in the app.
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    That covers the basic setup process. The doorking remote software aims to make remote access as simple and seamless as possible once configured.

    Additional features of doorking remote software

    The Doorking app provides some additional helpful tools and features besides basic open/close controls:

    Additional features of doorking remote software -

    Activity history

    See a log of all operations on your garage door or gate within the app. Check who opened it and when for security and troubleshooting purposes.

    Smart home integration

    Link your Doorking opener to smart home platforms like Alexa, Google Assistant, and SmartThings for voice control using skills/skills or IFTTT applets. Voice commands add another layer of convenience.


    Set the app to automatically open or close your garage door or gate when you arrive home or leave based on your smartphone’s location. Perfect for hands-free operation.

    Remote camera access

    Some Doorking openers include an optional connected camera for security monitoring. View a live video feed within the app to see who is at your garage door for improved awareness.


    Receive push notifications if the door is left open too long so you never forget to close it fully. Know right away if any unexpected activity occurs for heightened security peace of mind.

    Timer operation

    Program scheduled time periods for automatic opening and closing, like weekday schedules for contractors. Perfect for automated access when needed.

    Shared guest access

    Give friends or family their own login credentials to remotely access your door for limited time periods like house-sitting. Full remote control without handing out physical remotes.

    The Doorking app adds rich features on top of basic remote access. Automation, alerts, activity logs, and guest controls help integrate your opener into a fully smart and secure system. Integrations expand flexibility even further for true remote convenience.

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    Other considerations for doorking remote software

    While the doorking remote software provides seamless remote control, here are a few other factors to keep in mind:

    Home network requirements

    Reliable connectivity requires a strong and stable home WiFi network for consistent remote operation. Consider upgrading equipment if needed for best results.

    Outages and troubleshooting

    Any disruption to your home internet or power will prevent remote access until resolved. Be prepared to use a physical remote in outage scenarios. Contact support as needed.

    Device compatibility

    Check your Doorking unit model supports WiFi connectivity. Only current-generation openers may have this built-in. Older units require a compatible third-party WiFi module upgrade kit.

    Data usage and privacy

    Using the app and remote features will utilize some cellular or home internet data. Review the app’s privacy policy for how your usage data and personal information is handled and secured.


    While the app is free to download, additional costs may be involved for a compatible WiFi upgrade kit if needed for an older Doorking unit lacking wireless. Evaluate all associated expenses before committing.

    Weighing these considerations can help ensure a smooth experience with doorking remote software. Up-to-date equipment, stable connectivity, and understanding costs and compatibility are key for reliable operation wherever you are.

    Conclusion on doorking remote software

    In summary, the Doorking remote app transforms a traditional garage door or gate opener into a smart, WiFi-enabled system with the convenience of control and monitoring from your phone or computer. Whether you want the flexibility to remotely access while away or integrate with smart home platforms, it seamlessly adds modern features to any Doorking unit.

    Some setup is required to enable WiFi and install the app initially. But for the benefits of no longer needing physical remotes, automated schedules, virtual sharing, activity logs, and more – it’s a worthwhile investment. Just be sure your specific Doorking model supports connectivity and you have a robust home network for reliability.

    For Doorking users looking to upgrade their system’s capabilities, their remote software makes full remote control and management a reality without hassles. Contact Doorking for purchase and setup assistance to begin enjoying total smart access to your garage door or gate anytime, anywhere through any device