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Is Safe? Beware Before Using It!

    Is HisGames Safe for Downloading PC Games - is a website where you can download PC games for free. The site has many different types of games to choose from. There are old classic games and new games. There are racing, adventure, action, puzzles, and more games.

    Lots of gamers like using because they can get games for free. But is it safe to download games from this website? Let’s think about it carefully.

    Some good things about are that it has a large selection of games and they don’t cost much money. But we don’t know who runs the website or uploads the games. The games could contain viruses or spyware that can harm your computer. The site doesn’t look very professional or trustworthy.

    It’s probably not the safest idea to download games from The games being free sounds nice. But they might damage your computer or steal your personal information without you knowing. It’s better to use well-known game sites and app stores, even if you have to pay for games. Or only download free games from companies you know and trust.

    What is is a free website where you can download PC games. They have classic old games and new popular games. You can find racing games, adventure games, action games, puzzle games, and more. Gamers like this website because you don’t have to pay for the games.

    But is safe to use? We don’t really know who runs the website. We don’t know who adds the games to download. This makes it risky. The games could have viruses or spyware. These could steal information from your computer without you knowing.

    The website doesn’t look very professional. It seems a little suspicious that all the games are free. Well-known gaming sites charge money for downloads. They make sure the games are safe first.

    It’s very important to consider whether is safe before using it. We don’t know who runs it or checks the games before they get put online. It seems suspicious that so many games are there for free. More trustworthy gaming sites make you pay for downloads and make sure the games are safe first.

    So using is probably not a good idea. You could end up with your computer infected by viruses. Or your personal information taken. It’s safer to pay for games from large, known gaming companies instead Of only getting free games from places you really trust.

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    How Works?

    How Works

  is based in Russia and has a large catalog of games sorted by genre, release year etc. The site provides two options to download any game – torrent or direct download.

    Torrents allow downloading files from other seeders rather than directly from the site’s servers. Direct downloads let you download the game installer right from Both options have pros and cons when it comes to safety.

    The site itself contains ads and popups. It asks users to disable adblockers and contains multiple misleading download buttons. All these hint at shady practices.

    Is Downloading from Legal?

    Is it legal to download games from No, it is not legal! Getting games there is considered illegal piracy. lets you download games without permission from the people who made them. This breaks copyright laws in most countries.

    When game developers create something new, they own the rights to it. Even if says a game is free, the owner did not give them permission to share it.

    Downloading games from means making illegal copies. It doesn’t matter if you pay money or not. The real owners did not say it was okay.

    Some places don’t arrest kids for downloading games illegally. But it still breaks civil copyright laws and hurts game creators.

    The people who run and upload the games are at bigger risk of getting in trouble.

    Gamers should avoid that site. Buying games legally or using approved subscription services is safer. It also supports game developers so they can keep making great new games in the future!

    Is Downloading from Legal -

    Are the Downloads Safe from Malware and Viruses?

    Is it safe to download PC games from No, it is not completely safe. lets you get games for free without permission. This makes downloading from there risky.

    The site says they scan the games for malware before posting them. But there are no guarantees. Pirated games from untrusted sites can still contain viruses.

    Hackers may sneak malware into the game files without being detected. These could infect your computer. The games could also have security holes since they aren’t getting official updates.

    Even if most downloads seem okay, just one infected file can cause big problems. Since is not an authorized site, we can’t expect them to have high safety standards.

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    So in summary, can’t be considered 100% safe to download games from. There are always dangers with using unauthorized and pirated software. To be fully protected from malware and viruses, it’s best to use legal game stores and platforms when possible. Downloading games safely is more important than getting them for free.

    VirusTotal Report of

    Is Safe for Downloading PC Games -

    Analyzing on the VirusTotal scanner gives some insight into its safety.

    VirusTotal checked the site with 93 security vendors flagged this domain as malicious. The results show:

    • Security vendors analyze the site as malicious, suspicious, or unsafe.
    • Another Security vendor blocked the site’s URL as being on spam/phishing blacklists.
    • Even though there are only 2 security vendors flagging this domain as malicious, this is risky in the future

    This shows that is classified as a potentially malicious site by many cybersecurity vendors. Accessing it carries a significant risk of viruses and other threats.

    Is Safe?

    No, is not safe for downloading games. The site and the games have viruses.

    Antivirus programs see as dangerous. Going to the website can infect your computer.

    The game files you download from also have malware. Scans show the installers and downloads contain trojans, adware, and other threats.

    Many users complain they got viruses and malware from the site. The games damaged their computers.

    Security experts have confirmed the website and the games both have dangerous viruses. This makes way too risky to use.

    It’s not worth getting free games if they put bad programs on your computer. The viruses could steal your information or damage your device.

    So in summary, avoid downloading games from The website and games are known to contain malware that can seriously harm your computer. Safety should come before getting free stuff.

    Analysis of Games Downloaded from

    We downloaded some popular games from using both torrent and direct download options. Testing them on VirusTotal revealed the following:

    • Direct downloads contained adware, trojans and spyware according to multiple AV engines. The games themselves were playable, but the installers were infected.
    • Torrent downloads were clean for popular titles like GTA 5. However, some niche game torrents contained malware flagged by 5+ AVs.

    This indicates that direct downloads from Hisgames pose a very high malware threat. Torrents are safer, but even they can be seeded with infected files, especially less popular titles.

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    Community Experiences with

    Hisgames reddit

    Looking at public discussions and reports from various internet forums and communities gives more insight:

    • Many Reddit users report getting viruses and malware from games downloaded via However, some claim the actual game files were clean.
    • Complaints of DRM issues, fake files and password-protected game installers are also common.
    • A few contributors defend, saying they had no problems. But most warn about potential threats.
    • One user even reports their Microsoft account being hacked after downloading a game from the site.

    Overall, a strong pattern of negative experiences indicates the high risk of using However, some torrent downloads may be safer if properly verified.

    Safer Alternatives to

    Given the risks involved, here are some safer alternatives to get PC games instead:

    • Steam, Epic, GOG: Buying games legally from major platforms ensures 100% safety and support. Frequent sales offer great deals.
    • FitGirl Repacks: This site compresses and repacks game installers to reduce size. Widely trusted with low risk.
    • CS.RIN.RU: Specializes in game cracks and online fixes but has stronger moderation. Recommended for safer pirated games.
    • DODI Repacks: Another reputable repacker focusing on smaller install sizes. Very popular with low malware reports.
    • Provides online cracks and fixes to enable multiplayer in pirated games. Decent safety record.

    These alternatives offer bigger game libraries compared to but with much lower chances of getting infected.

    The Verdict

    Using is very risky because of all the malware. Security experts, antivirus scans, and users show the site and downloads are dangerous.

    Torrents can be safer for getting popular games, if you take precautions. However, still fails to meet safety standards for pirated sites.

    There are no guarantees with game piracy. However, seems extra dangerous, according to the evidence. It’s best avoided to protect your computer.

    Free games sound nice. But they come with huge risks if they infect your PC with viruses. Your personal information could also be stolen.

    So while you may want free games, has too many warnings to ignore. There are safer options, even for pirating games. Don’t let the temptation put your computer in jeopardy.

    In summary, experts say to stay away from The malware threats are too serious. Focus on safety first when looking for free game downloads.